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One issue that I thought of is how to display the contact emails. Wanted to figure out a good way to do that without making any displayed email addresses visible to spam bots. Little did I know that this endeavor would cost me way too many hours of research and testing...

Bottom line so far? Not much to show for my efforts. Yet...

A couple of extensions, both of which look buggy:


Example using Obfuscate Email Address on Web Page:

Unfortunately, looks like the address is visible in view source.
Correction: At least in Firefox, the obfuscated email address appears not visible in view page source. HOWEVER, selecting the email address and invoking the "view selection source" command appears to make the email address visible, or at least just as visible as it is rendered on the wiki page.

Example using an image generator:


This guy claims his test shows that CSS or Javascript obfuscation works well:

Nine ways to obfuscate e-mail addresses compared

Some folks advise us to not even try to obfuscate our email addresses.

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