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The Portland Business Alliance is Portland's chamber of commerce.


From their website:

"When was the Portland Business Alliance formed? The Portland Chamber of Commerce, the precursor to the Portland Business Alliance, was formed in 1870. In 2002, the Portland Chamber of Commerce merged with another local business organization, the Association for Portland Progress, to form the Alliance.

"How many members are there? More than 1,300 businesses throughout the Portland-Vancouver area.

"Are most of the members large companies? No, in fact more than 80 percent of our members have 100 employees or less.

"How is the organization managed? The work of the Alliance is overseen by a 60-member Board of Directors. The current chair of the Board is J.E. Isaac. The incoming chair is Dennis Rawlinson, Partner of Miller Nash LLP.

"The Alliance has 30 employees on staff. Day to day activities of the Alliance staff are overseen by Sandra McDonough, Alliance President & CEO. She has a team of senior directors including: Shane Abma, Vice President of Central City/Downtown Services; Bernie Bottomly, Vice President of Government Affairs and Economic Development; Megan Doern, Vice President of Communications and Programming. and Erin McDonough, Vice President of Membership & Small Business."

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