SE Neighborhood Assembly - 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month

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SE Neighborhood Assembly


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Occupy movement supporters and occupiers from SE Portland that can meet up and discuss actions, proposals and events in our neighborhood.

Anyone is invited, all are welcome, invite your friends.

The time is now to get our neighborhoods and communities we live in involved as much as we can. The SE affinity group does NOT by any means condone violence, hate-speech, or abuse by it's members, be it verbal or physical.

This is a chance to meet up with people in your area neighborhood to promote discussion and change for the greater 99%.
The only requirements
  • Live in SE Portland
  • Want to better the world through direct action in coordination with Occupy Portland and Occupy Wall Street
  • Free sense of ideas and contributions you are willing to discuss in groups
  • Desire to meet new people.
We plan to meet twice a month until further notice, with work groups scheduled in between as needed.

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Flyers available for printing at :

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