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Silent Candle Vigil/Protest with OP


  • Date: Saturday, December 10, 2011
  • Time: 4:00pm until 9:00pm
  • Location: Salmon St and Waterfront
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Join Us for Peaceful Change

This is a silent(silent!) Occupy Movement protest/vigil. Largely a spin off/solidary protest with UC Davis students who chose silence to express their concern with what is happening in the world.

We are going to be sitting silently, single file/row, around the starting building and then off as the participants see fit.

If you cannot make it at 4 for starting process, or 5 for the vigil start, show up anyways! bring a candle and sit next to someone new!

We will be announcing the vigil location when we get closer to the date so we can pick an appropriate spot. For now, we are going to meet at 4pm at the waterfront fountain at salmon, to organize, get in the right headspace, and start.

From there we will proceed with lit candles in silence. When we arrive at the location, we will start at the "beginning" and follow the line as it forms, sitting down at the end, in a single-file row. The line will continue to grow until it surrounds the primary building, and then will continue to grow in whichever direction as we see fit.

We will NOT be blocking traffic or blocking sidewalks entirely.

The vigil will last for at least 3-4 hours, at which point we will peacefully disband.

  • Dress Warmly/Bring Blankets
  • Bring candles that are easy to hold, and ideally have some sort of drip block(paper cup, rim, etc), even 500 candles leaves a lot of wax on the sidewalk, and I want to see 5000.
  • Bring extra candles and sit with a little space so that observers and late-comers can join in and have a candle of their own.
  • No signs, except 'join us for peaceful change" or something similar. That is the message for this protest.
  • Come prepared with warm clothes, something to sit on, and a snack. But make it a quiet snack!
  • NO VIOLENCE. Physical or verbal. I don't care if you get taunted, or criticized. let them be the childish ones. If someone asks you what is happening, simply say "Silent protest for peaceful change as part of the Occupy movement" and offer them a candle.

BONUS POINTS: to anyone that can convince someone that has not been a participant at OP or is on the fence to come down and sit with us.

If your focus is big financial accountability, or big government accountability; if it is corruption or greed; if it is college debt or low income housing; whatever it is: Come down and show that whatever you expect to see change for the better, you want it done through peaceful action as best as possible.

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