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Technology Service Providers

Organizing 2.0


I Love Working People: A Pro-Bono Consult-a-thon
“In our trainings for union members and grassroots organizers, we recognize that many people simply don’t have access to quality consultants. it’s a real shame – in many cases, a little bit of advice or technical know-how can save a lot of time and improve the quality of a campaign.”
The "I Love Working People: A Pro-Bono Consult-a-thon" was featured on the AFL-CIO blog: Organizing 2.0 Offers Free Communications, Organizing Consultations
“Throughout September, Organizing 2.0, the online collective of communicators and online organizers working for unions and social justice activists, is offering expert-level pro-bono (free) consultant services on a wide-range of communications/technology/organizing issues.”


What does an online organizer need to know?
Some "fantastic resources – mostly free" – that might serve online organizers looking for work or training opportunities.


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- 2010 US Social Forum | Detroit, Michigan (web site) | USSF 2010 Wiki (planning wiki)

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Trouble ticket submitted by Mark Dilley at with the [US Social Forum] and resolved by Ross with MayFirst.
Dave's Note - The main page for the USSF 2010 Wiki is a pretty good working model to adapt for the Organized Power test page.


Union Web Services | UnionActive

From the UnionActive website:

UnionActive Newswire: When your site becomes part of the UnionActive system the content you post to your home page will also be included in the UnionActive Newswire. The UnionActive Newswire is displayed on thousands of websites and includes the most recent content from all sites in the system. This gives your content and your website instant exposure to hundreds of thousands of viewers. It also vastly improves your sites search engine rankings as you are now connected to thousands of other websites. / UnionActive are associated with Oregon AFSCME Council 75.

Trilogy Interactive LLC

Trilogy Interactive LLC. is associated with American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME ), AFL–CIO

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