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Note of Concern

from: (Volunteer)
to: occupyportlandcommunications AT googlegroups DOT com
cc: occupyportlandinterviews AT googlegroups DOT com, occupyportlandpr AT googlegroups DOT com
date: Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 5:21 PM
subject: Note passed out to camp today -- October 22, 2011

The following note was passed out and attached to almost all tents at Occupy Portland, today, around 1pm -- October 22, 2011.

This is a revolutionary movement on a national and international scale.

This camp is the second largest occupation in the U.S.

In the beginning others were looking to Portland as Role models for building their own encampments. No longer.

The point of these occupied areas is to give voice to the marginalized, to join together and discuss the changes that we need to see in society, and to demand that those changes occur.

We have the support of the unions and labor movements. We have the support of Social Engineers, Hacker groups, and Direct Action Organizations both nationally and worldwide.

These encampments are to be used as convergence points to discuss the larger political issues and decide our next course of action as a movement.

The teams that have come together to feed us, tend our wounds, assure our safety and give us a true uncompromising voice are completely understaffed, overworked, and undervalued.

What can you do to help?

Do you have first aid experience? Have your ever SERVED food not bombs? Can you hand out literature in the streets to the confused masses who want to support us but don't understand what we're about?

What kind of workshops can you offer to teach others that will support the goals of the movement?

Can you tie knots, hang tarps, pitch tents?

Have you been to a General Assembly meeting? Are you aware that for the past 2 weeks those meetings have been dominated by questions about what to do with a growing population of drunks, drug users, and freeloaders?

Our food supplies are diminishing. Our bathroom facilities are being vandalized and made inoperable.

There are articles in all of the local papers describing us as a camp of alcoholics that can't take care of ourselves. Sam Adams has stated that if we continue to regress he will pull the plug and shut us down.

If this happens then the country will see it's second largest voice silenced, this will be a devastating blow for our movement.

Once upon a time we could say that our movement shut down the western Sea board and the city of Seattle and stopped a pivotal meeting of the World Trade Organization.

What will you be able to claim after wee look back on this time? we smoked bluntz, we drank beer, we ate free food round the clock until there was no more, then we left.

Please volunteer your services with any of the teams, you can recognize them because they are working their asses off. If you can't decide, choose a different one every day.

This movement REALLY needs your help. If you can't help by staying and participating, please help by leaving the rest of us to our work.


Editor's Note

Apart from a couple of minor formatting changes, minor alterations to email addresses -- "(Volunteer)" "AT" "DOT" -- to ward off spam and protect privacy, and the addition of the word "(Unsigned)" at the end of the text, the text shown above is the full, unedited text the editor received via email.