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These list encompass work and ideas from previous PortlandWiki Meetup Notes. We welcome help on getting them done :-)

Collaborate with Multnomah County Library?

22:14, 10 January 2012 (UTC): I (Dave Myers) visited the main library to find out who to talk with about possible PortlandWiki / Library collaboration. (Mark Dilley was probably the first to suggest looking into this a couple of years ago, and it has come up for discussion several times at one or another of our meetups.) The idea is to find out about hosting PortlandWiki somewhere on the library's IT infrastructure and possibly hold "wiki training" sessions at the various neighborhood library branches. The woman at the welcome desk put me in touch with "Mark" at the Multnomah County IT help desk, who took my phone number and email address and said he'd find out who to put me in touch with.


  1. Matthew will try to determine how to move the css from the bottom to the top of the page to recognize who worked on a page.
  2. Matthew and Kotra are working to create a bolder search bar.
  3. Group will develop a proposal to create more structure for these meet-ups that will allow for open discussion, focused planning and decision-making, and collaborative online work.

Other work to do

  1. Mark suggested we have a PW flyer to put out at events; maybe print more stickers, smaller ones.
  2. Matthew and Mark discussed getting two-sided PW business cards (Vistaprint?), perhaps one side with the PW website then space to write in the name of a page when we discuss the site with someone.
  3. Julie reminded us that we still need to create badges for PW to acknowledge the work of contributors.
  4. Matthew suggested we consider getting durable, acrylic press badges.
  5. Ask dave myers or Kotra to help with canonical url--some pages on the site are listed 4x, per MarkDilley.
    1. Hey Mark, If someone wants to do the research on this, I'll be happy to make the recommended changes where possible. The issue you're raising (if I understand you correctly) is one I've noticed happening with a number of CMS packages. When I looked into this a few years ago, I think I may have come across some Google Webmaster tools that might be useful, but can't remember any of the specifics... - Dave, 18:53, 8 August 2011 (UTC)
      1. Update: Specify your canonical
- WikiMaster (talk) 12:57, 26 July 2015 (PDT)
  1. Sylvia suggests we review the Meta Settings on all pages to confirm text exists for Title Alias, Keywords, and Description.
  2. Sylvia asks: Can we add a "return to top of page" link at the bottom of every wiki page?
    1. What is your thought about why this is important? And would you want the link in the footer? ~~ MarkDilley
    2. It feels like there's a lot of unnecessary scrolling to get back to the top of a page after reading/searching through a wiki page. Many wiki pages are growing and have a lot of info on them that requires a lot of up and down action. A footer link would be good. Sylvia

Dave Myers' admin notes

Below is a list of wiki pages containing ongoing admin links I've collected over the past few months. Included are a few sparse notes I've kept while researching components to install or looking for ideas on making both PortlandWiki and wikis in general more functional. Of particular interest, in terms of building a more user-friendly wiki, are many of the Semantic MediaWiki extensions, especially Semantic Forms. Goal is to incorporate these research notes into a more usable admin guide. In the meantime, here are the raw notes:

(Hint, the entire suite of Semantic Bundle extensions, including Semantic Forms is already installed on PortlandWiki.)

-- dave myers | 00:12, 8 August 2011 (UTC)

Updated: 22:14, 10 January 2012 (UTC)