Occupy Town Hall - 12 November 2011

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Occupier and Non-Occupier Town Hall



Occupy Portland cordially invites you to a town hall meeting with a small sampling of Occupy Portland and the wider community. The meeting will be an opportunity for non-Occupiers to voice their concerns and frustration with OP, for Occupiers to listen, and for all of us to work on coming up with sustainable and mutually acceptable solutions to these issues.

We are holding this meeting in order to heal this rift in our community, and to talk about solutions. Everyone who wishes to attend must be prepared to be respectful of those with radically different viewpoints. If you are not capable of this kind of empathy and common respect, please do not come.

Other details

To non-Occupiers and anti-Occupiers
I know many of you have concerns about attending. Your safety and comfort is our highest priority, so to ensure those two things, we’re bringing in a security team, as well as a team of professional facilitators and restorative justice experts to mediate the discussion. Furthermore, I’m doing my best to only invite people who I know personally to be kind, respectful people. If anyone acts out during the town hall and is disrespectful, I will instruct security to remove them, no exceptions and no second chances. I, Owen Sanders, will personally guarantee your physical and emotional safety at this town hall. If you still don’t feel safe or comfortable attending, please email me at owensanders@gmail.com and let me hear your concerns so I can do something to address them.
To Occupiers
This will be a meeting with our toughest critics. It's going to be hard, but it is vital that we reach out to the wider community and try to come to mutually acceptable solutions to the problems they bring up. Disrespect will not be tolerated at this town hall. Period.

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