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Images: Testing, Research

Despite numerous cultural prohibitions regarding image worship and idolatry, images are still useful elements to include in wiki articles.

This article describes how MediaWiki handles and stores files, and gives some information on configuring.
Allow <img> tag to be used in wikitext. Introduced in version: 1.17.0 (r65286).
This page provides the proper syntax for image placement, display size, alignment, etc.


Moved images formerly occupying this space to User:WikiMaster/Gallery#Sofia.

Gallery Resources

The Image gallery extensions category contains articles on extensions that embed a collection of images (a gallery) in a MediaWiki article.
A nice simple gallery example.
The User Image Gallery extension introduces a <userimages> tag to the MediaWiki markup, which can be used to produce an image gallery of all recent uploads by a particular user, up to a specified limit.
This extension adds Media RSS support to Mediawiki's standard <gallery /> tag. This allows it to generate Media RSS content from any article that contains such tags. It allows you to add a RSS Media link to any article that does not have gallery with a special comment. It also allows the PicLens plugin to be used with such RSS with another particular tag.

Image & File Handling

importImages.php is a script which uploads images and other media to mediawiki from your computer.

File / Image Upload Extensions

UploadLocal is an extension which allows the "uploading" of files already residing on the server into MediaWiki, by a special page on your mediawiki. This has numerous practical applications, notably the streamlining of the upload of large files, renaming of image files, and the ability to mass upload.
UploadWizard is an extension that allows a user to upload multiple files with a step-by-step JavaScript wizard.
Add Media Wizard is an extension which allows a user to add media into pages. It vastly simplifies importing compatible licensed media into a wiki. It includes an inline insert wizard in page and sequence editing. Once installed it lets you search multiple repositories and automatically handles the complexity of importing the media with appropriate asset description template structure provided by the repository.
MsUpload functions: file upload directly in the editor, multiupload, upload all files at once, drag'n'drop (if Html5), flash fallback, embedd the file into the editor as link, change the name of the file, cancel an upload.
Special:MultiUploadViaZip is a special page that closely resembles the Special:Upload page but accepts a ZIP file rather than target media directly. This ZIP file is decompressed on the server and passed file by file into the existing MediaWiki Special:Upload page. It effects multiple file uploads (aka mass upload, bulk upload, etc).
The MultiUpload extension allows users to upload more than one file at a time.

Linked Images

Images on a MediaWiki wiki will by default, link to the description page. However, there are several workarounds for those that require them.

MediaWiki (Links sunflower from to MediaWiki's main page.)

Image Links To Document Files


<img size=40>PDF.png</img> Community Assembly Program Outline (Simple) <img size=18></img>

Crude hack linking to a Word icon located in a public Dropbox folder and a Word file located on SkyDrive.

<img size=40>DOC.png</img> simplified_Assembly_Agenda__rev_4-6-12 on SkyDrive

Image Links To Document Files Help Resources

Linking to External Images

How-To-Do-It Source
When set to true, users can bring in an inline image from an external URL. They do this simply by sticking the full URL into the wiki text (without any other surrounding markup) That is the direct URL to an image resource on another website.
When set to false, the full URL appears as a text link to the image.
Note that if you want to allow images from a single trusted source (e.g. from within your own domain) then set this to false, and use $wgAllowExternalImagesFrom.
If $wgAllowExternalImages is false, you can specify an exception here. Image URLs that start with this string are then rendered, while all others are not. You can use this to set up a trusted, simple repository of images. As of r40310 (1.14.0), this may be an array of strings.
1. Make appropriate changes to LocalSettings.php. Example
$wgAllowExternalImagesFrom = array(
2. Insert wiki markup code. Example
<span class="plainlinks">[]</span>
3. Results


Image Linking Extensions

Creates a clickable image link using an image in an article and an article title. This image can be either stored in the Image namespace or accessible through an interwiki prefix. The article title may or may not exist in the database.
Extension:ImageLink is needed for MediaWiki installations until version 1.13.x. Since MediaWiki version 1.14+, a parameter "link=" can be added to any image, without the need to install an extension. But only basic functionality of this extension was integrated into MediaWiki software 1.14+. Some HTML attributes and all of the event attributes are still not part of the MediaWiki software.
The EmbedImg extension adds the <img> tag for embedding external images. It supports width & height parameters.

More external image linking tests...


Testing Extension:EmbedImg

Testing Extension:EmbedImg to enable resizing of the external images shown in full size above.

Linking & Sizing

<img size=200></img> <img size=200></img> <img size=200></img>


Fake Thumbnails

<div class="thumb tright"><div class="thumbinner" style="width:302px;">
[[File:Snow Day At Wallace Park.jpg|border|300px|link=Wallace Park]]
<div class="thumbcaption">Snow day at [[Wallace Park]].</div>
Snow day at Wallace Park.

Fake Thumbnails In Tables

<tab class=wikitable sep=comma head=top> This Pic,That Pic,Other Pic

Snow day at Wallace Park.


Snow day at Wallace Park.


Snow day at Wallace Park.

<img size=200></img>,<img size=200></img>,<img size=200></img> </tab>

Image Transclusion Issues -- UPDATE

Moved contents to User:WikiMaster/Image Transclusion Issues.